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It is safe to say that the modern hotel culture, as we know it today, has started its development in London during the 1830s. During that time, London railways fueled a bigger amount of travelers throughout the country - and Hotels in Farnborough are a direct consequence of that era.

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What Is A Hotel?

A hotel is, simply put, a more formal arrangement for paid overnight accommodation for short stays. In the early 20th century, rent rates were prohibitively expensive and quite a few public figures lived in hotels. On the other hand, some of these celebrities simply choose to live extravagant lifestyles.

Typical hotels offer a bed, a desk, a television, and a bathroom. Simpler hotels may offer shared bathroom facilities, but most hotels offer en-suite bathrooms.

There is a wide variety of quality in the amenities a guest will have during their stay in a hotel, and that is usually reflected in the price they pay and the amount of stars that the establishment has. There are industry standards to ensure that hotels offer certain services and facilities, so the number of starts are not arbitrary. Some hotels offer swimming pools, day spas, and wellness centres, while others cater to businessmen and offer a business center with meeting rooms.

Hotel Categories

Hotels can be separated in several categories, such as small hotel, town house hotel, country house hotel, economy hotel, and metro hotel.

While a small hotel is a specific category of hotels with 20 or less bedrooms, town house hotels are a posh, exclusive hotel that features less than 50 bedrooms and a very good room service - with or without dinner facilities.

Country house hotels emphasize their environment and offer calmness and peace to their guests, grand views and panoramas, lush gardens full of flowers, organic flavours, a slower pace, and a place to relax in general.

Economy hotels are limited-service establishments offering a very limited amount of basic amenities. Their goal is to keep costs down and pass savings along to their customers, who are interested simply in a comfortable bed, a clean bathroom, and not much else.

Finally, metro hotels are a cheaper version with full hotel services, and cutting costs by not offering dinner facilities. They are convenient for businessmen travelling by car.

About Farnborough

If you choose to stay in Farnborough, you should know that it sits outside London's congestion zone, about 50 km from the City. So, it is a convenient place to stay if you are travelling by car.

Farnborough is better known for its airport. It hosted Britain's first flight over 100 years ago in 1908 and His Majesty's Balloon Factory in the same year. It was bombed by the Nazis during the Second World War. Today, most of the airport movement comes from private jet operators.

Farnborough also hosts an airshow where many aerospace and defence companies display their products. You can also see plenty of military and civilian aircraft while they are being demonstrated to potential customers or investors.